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Limited price sale Replacement Classic Jet Tips Max 60% OFF for Flossers Water and Oth Waterpik

Replacement Classic Jet Tips for Waterpik Water Flossers and Oth


Replacement Classic Jet Tips for Waterpik Water Flossers and Oth


Compatible Models

Aquarius (WP-660, WP-662, WP-663, WP-665, WP-667, WP-668, WP-669)
Aquarius Professional (WP-670,WP-672,WP-673, WP-674, WP-675, WP-676)
Complete Care (WP-900)
Complete Care 5.0 (WP-861, WP-862)
Complete Care 5.5 (WP-811, WP-812)
Complete Care 7.0 (WP-950, WP-952)
Complete Care 9.0 (CC-01CD010-1, CC-01CD012-2)
Complete Care 9.5 (CC-02CD010-1, CC-02CD012-2)
Cordless Advanced (WP-560, WP-562, WP-563, WP-565, WP-567, WP-569)
Cordless Select (WF-10W010, WF-10W012)
Cordless Plus (WP-450, WP-462, WP-463, WP-465, WP-468)
Cordless Freedom (WF-03CD010, WF-03CD012)
Cordless (WP-360)
Cordless Express (WF-02W010, WF-02W012)
Cordless Professional (WP-440)
For Kids (WP-260)
Nano (WP-310)
Nano Plus (WP-320)
Ortho Care (WP-940)
Radiance (WF-09CD010-1)
Traveler (WP-300)
Ultra (WP-100, WP-112, WP-113, WP-115, WP-117, WP-118, WP-140)
Ultra Plus (WP-150)

Compatible with Most Waterpik Models
This replacement tips fit most waterpik models, only few models are not compatible with.

Not Compatible Models:
Classic Water Flosser (Models below WP-99, such as WP-60, WP-72)
Whitening Water Flosser (WF-05, WF-06)
Sidekick Water Flosser (WF-04)

Replacement Classic Jet Tips for Waterpik Water Flossers and Oth

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